Alle Sany bouwmachines:


SANY mini excavators are versatile multi-purpose machines for use on any construction site. The latest generation convinces with its high technical level and an exemplary price-performance ratio. State-of-the-art hydraulic systems make it even more powerful, efficient and flexible. And with maximum user comfort, which makes work even easier and safer. Find out how small, high-performance excavators can be.


SANY compact excavators combine maximum performance and maximum flexibility. Their compact design with a total weight of 7.3 tonnes to 16.0 tonnes enables them to be used even where the construction sites are tight or complicated tasks have to be mastered. Get simple operation, high driver comfort and the latest hydraulic technology at a particularly attractive price.


When it comes to mobility, SANY mobile excavator is unrivalled, both on the construction site and over short distances from one construction site to the next. There is therefore no need for an additional means of transport, thereby eliminating loading time. This means that the mobile excavator requires considerably less time and personnel.


With a SANY crawler excavator you are well prepared for earthwork of all kinds. Everyone shows a balanced mix of performance and agility, speed and precision, always combined with maximum economy. For example, energy consumption is significantly reduced compared to comparable products. One reason for this is the latest hydraulic systems – they make SANY crawler excavators even more powerful, efficient and flexible. Experience with a SANY crawler excavator how affordable the latest hydraulic technology and maximum operator comfort can be.